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balasaheb thakrey
marathi manus

Marathi manoos has been orphaned

Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray was Fonder of Shivsena. Shivsena is Marathi politics party in Maharashtra. “Uthao lungi aur bajao pungi” – Bal Thackeray’s slogan attacking South Indians working in Mumbai (then   Bombay) when he formed Shiv Sena in 1966Balasaheb  born  in 23 jan 1926 & today I heard news  balasaheb is no more . i feel very bad for Hindu Hriday Samraat.


People says Better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep. But , Balasaheb live like Tigar in his whole life. Balasaheb began his career as  cartoonist & he was work with some newspaper as cartoonist &  ‘The Free Press Journal’ in Mumbai. He also used to contribute to the Sunday edition of ‘The Times Of India’.

Balasaheb Thackeray is a great leader as well excellent speaker. He is founder of samana Marathi news paper & hindi  Dophar Ka Saamana.

Some line for Hindu Hriday Samraat  Deh tyagita kirti maage Uravi (you may die, but you must continue to live through your deeds).

Deh tyagita kirti maage Uravi|
Mana sajjana hechi kriya  Dharavi|
Mana chandanchipari tva zijave|
Pari antari sajjna Nivave||

“Tributes to Balasaheb Thackeray from kandati khore”

Here a link you can download hindu hriday samrat shivsena pramukh balasaheb thakare yancha powada.

Tumchya pratikriya ithe nondava:-

Name: Prasad joil

Comment: “जगाच्या इतिहासात जागोजागी काळाच्या पडद्यावर अशी काही विलक्षण व्यक्तिमत्वे आपले ठळक अस्तित्व जाणवून देत राहतात, बाळासाहेब ठाकरे हे असेच एक. महाराष्ट्चा ढाण्या वाघ, हिँदूह्रदय सम्राट शिवसेना प्रमुख बाळासाहेब ठाकरे आज अख्या महाराष्ट्राला पोरके करून गेले. तुमच्या सम होने नाही.
माझा सलाम या वाघाला…”


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