Kas Pathar Satara Maharashtra India

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Kas Pathar Satara:-
Kas is home to the “Impatience lawaii’, balsamina, dalzelii, oppositifolia,
Pulcherrima, acaulis etc and also indigofera dalzellii and linifolia, and Limnophila aquatica.
Buds over a stalk bloom one after other and last for a longer time .Seeds burst even by light touch. So it is called as “Touch Me Not”

Where is the kas patahr
The Kas Pathar or Kas Plateau is actually a breathtaking valley of flowers in the state of Maharashtra and situated in Tapola.
The period post monsoon from the month of August to November is an amazing time to watch this vast plateau transform into a bed of flowers. There are more than 150 variety of flowers that can be found here.Bamnoli about 15 Kms from Kas is where you can get permits to most exhilarating treks that one can go for in Maharashtra.
Distance from Major cities..

Pune to Kas Pathar: 135
Mubai to Kas Pathar: 280
Kolhapur to Kas Pathar: 150

The nearby Kas Lake is another beauty that is at its scenic best during this post-monsoon phase.

“The evergreen forests are a host to rich biodiversity .This area also has Panchgani’s table land, The Kas Plateau ,the windmill plateau of Chalakewadi . These flat plains are called ‘sada’.

Kas pathar
Kas pathar

Best time to visit kas patahr:-
If you want to visit a place which is a hill station but really different one or unique hill station Kas Pathar is the best choice. This is the place truly loved by all – Picnic Lovers, Flower lovers, Trekkers as well as jungle lovers.

Monsoon or rainy season,lasting from June to September. The season is dominated by the humid southwest summer monsoon, which slowly High season in Kas Pathar runs from November to January and from mid-April to mid-June.

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Other Attractions:
1)Shivsagar Lake, Tapola:-
The Shivsagar Lake is a major attraction in Tapola. It is a water body that stretches 90 km long and serves as a water reservoir to Koyna Dam.

2)Vasota and Jaygad Forts, Tapola:-
The Vasota Fort is located in the depth of the green forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, near the Shivsagar Lake. It was built by King Bhojraj II of the Shilahar Dynasty and later came under the great Shivaji Maharaj.

3)Utveshwar padmavti

4) Paravat


6) Maheman ghad(fort)

7) Raghuvir Ghat :- famous for waterfall in rainy season


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