Mahabaleshwar is also known for the strawberry

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picking strawberries

  • Mahabaleshwar is also known for the honey and fruits produce here. One can check out strawberry gardening have fun with the real flavor of the fruit. At Mahabaleshwar normally strawberry is planted during November-December. If you check out during the strawberry  period (October to March), you can see locations with series of strawberry  plants. Of course, fresh strawberry .
  • House to the fresh, ideal red, eye-catching fruits, Mahabaleshwar, the “strawberry country” is crowned with miles of strawberry farms which is an amazing viewpoint for any visitor. The soul of this hill position can be discovered in its strawberry gardening which uses up about 1500 miles of position. What can be more calming than the perspective of the sequence of fruit- ladden strawberry plants that look amazing when the sleek rays of the sun shade them in sleek shade.
  • Mahabaleshwar to all is a place for fruits, jellies, mashes, jellies. There is much in common between the hill place and the wonderful red fruit. It is the summer months season place of Mumbai, which involves not only the durability of its very natural beauty but also because of the wonderful stories unique around its most preferred points. It has strong mountains, extreme and rapid drops, jungles populated with plants, waterways that circulation every way they please.
  • Mahabaleshwar is amazing climbing city. There were taxes and automobiles conducted visits but we suggested our own vehicle and used a details to show us the place.There is a market nearby where you will find all kinds of jellies and jellies.
  • strawberry Farm, near Kate’s Point is a good way to binge a few dairy drinks and learn a few things about strawberry farming.
  • Mahabaleshwar is the biggest mountain place in the Sahyadri variety of Maharashtra condition. It is located at an elevation of 1372 m above closing level in Satara region, about 115 km south west of Pune. Due to its thin air, the town has a cool environment and offers many enjoyable walking. There are several search points which offer amazing opinions of the nearby mountains and valleys.
  • Kandati khore (valley) is near from Mahabaleshwar city . if you want to go visit kandati khore you can go by bus or any vehicle to tapola after that you can go by Boat , there is some good place to see visitor like Utteveshwar padambati,Kas pathar, Chakdav, Mahemangad.


2 thoughts on “Mahabaleshwar is also known for the strawberry

    Praveen Shetty said:
    June 24, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Could you give some contact details of Strawberry farmers, I required very urgently

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