Waghjai Devi

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Dip stambha situated on outside on old waghjai temple
Dip stambha situated on outside on old waghjai temple

During the Shimga event ( ‘JATRA’ MEANS PILGRIMAGE) for the Waghjai Devi going on for individuals to get blessings!A excellent sensation to see a number of kandati villagers associated with this palkhi! Waghjai Devi(wagh indicates tigar & devi indicates god) temple is one of the main temple in   Kandati Khore. It is situated at Morni there is old temple of Waghjai Devi but now temple is Moved from it orginal position this temple is situated on Morni(old morni) .Devotees to this temple are increasing. This is client deity of villagers.Shinde family members create a pilgrimage to the waghjai Kuladevi temple to acquire advantage of the deity after an excellent event chaitra such as a chaitra paurnima, navratri, marriage.

old waghjai pic
old waghjai pic

In Morni the Kuladevi are mainly symptoms Shakti such as Bhavani. Many Shinde,Kadam,community groups also praise Kulswamini Bhavani Waghjai mata Goddess as Kuladevi.Worship of Bhavani Waghjai kul-devi is regarded to be essential. The WaghJai is the guard of close relatives members, of the family tree. Forefathers of close relatives members have worshipped the deity and there is a connection between close relatives members and the deity. Hence such praise holds fruits and veggies beginning. Worship of the Bhavani Waghjai kuldevi is said to please the deity who is the only guard of close relatives members. One who worships Waghjai is said to be secured by the deity in periods of disaster . During the Shimga festival(Shimga indicates Holi) a ‘jatra(clavicle)’ for the Waghjai Devi going on for individuals to get blessings! During the Festival of Navratri, Goddess Waghjai Devi is worshiped in nine virtual representations of personnel.Punarvashat Morni No. 2 arrange Ghondhal (Gondhal, an established religious practice of most of the castes in Maharashtra, is an educative, entertaining and important tradition ) During these nine sacred times, each day of goddess Waghjai devi is worshiped in different avatara.


Navratri Shedule:- 1st day of Navratri – Kalasha Sthapana (Kalasha Pooja) or Ghata Sthapana 2nd day of Navratri – Preeti Dwitiya 3rd day of Navaratri – Chandraghanta puja 4th day of Navaratri – Kushmanda pooja 5th day of Navratri – Skandamata Puja 6th day of Navratri –Maha Shashti or Durga Shashti 7th day of Navratri – Kaalratri Pooja 8th day of Navaratri – Maha Gauri Pooja 9th day of Navaratri  – Durga Navami 10th day of Navratri – Vijaya Dashami or Dasara More Picture of waghjai devi you can see here wagjai pic


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