Google is also weak in maths

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I am very weak in maths that reason sometime i use google for calulation. Today i saw one post on facebook that contain Following equation 12/2(6-7+4)*2 Ans: a) 36 b) 4 c) 1

google weak in maths
google weak in maths

and i copy paste this eqution in google give me ans 36but it wrong ans because maths Operator rule are Click here see Google result

1. parentheses or brackets first (starting with the innermost)

2. exponentials or powers next

3. multiplications and divisions next

4. additions and subtractions last

5. if an expression involves three or more operations at the same level of priority, those operations are done from left to right if you this rule and solve this eqution right ans is 1

That time i realise google is only Search Engin made by human every time google is not right we have to be self confidence


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