Vidhya Naikar  as Investment Consultant

Investment Consultant! It sounds like a money wallet, for invest money which give you Security for you future with good appreciation.

According to Vidhya Naikar, investment consultant, her job is to be a customer service representative who will offer advice on saving or investing option which gives best return for secure future for individual family.
The proper definition of the investment strategy is more important for the purposes of the system than the Secure investment for yourself.
Investment Plan for common people
So Vidhya Naiker advises quite a lot of ordinary people from day to day who have decided to make payments to the pension fund, enter into a life insurance contract or start collecting money to secure the future of the children. True, there are those who come to the bank and announce that they have one superfluous million that might have taken action.
Vidhya Naikar said that, for example, when people come to invest in lotteries, they behave differently than their salary on a monthly salary: in the first case, they are ready to take a rather high risk because this money is not hard to come by.
In fact, the Indian people who put money into the funds for future use, according to Vidya’s statement, have become quite risky, in particular, that the investment advisor must bring them back to the ground. At the same time, if someone, for example, who earned double-money in investing in large Indian funds, seems to have a lower income of 10-12%.
But the more you can win, the more you lose it. Therefore, Vidya Naiker does not recommend to People to take over a quarter of his portfolio of securities from a retirement-wage worker. “We do not play with the pension fund,” he emphasized.
The investment consultant himself does not have to invest in people’s money and buy securities for him, other employees are already engaged in it. According to Vidya naikar, the main work of the consultant is to listen to the customer and make it very clear what he wants to do with his money, how much he is willing to risk, how much money can be spent, etc.
To assist in this Vidhya Naikar provide a wide variety of property investment consulting services that Vidya adapt to the specific objectives and circumstances of each of Her clients. Vidhya’s property investment consulting team has extensive experience in a variety of fields, the perspective to respond to new situations before they affect our clients, and the objectivity required to meet the challenges set.
At Mumbai Vidhya work for Real estate Firm, including defined benefit systems, objective defined benefit and contribution defined in virtually all Sectors The best proof of our added value is the demonstrable cost savings for the customers she work with.