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Happy New year 2014

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Thank you for being a touch with us through our Facebook page. SEO Freelancer in Mumbai Sandeep We look forward to serving you in 2014. We wish you peace, happiness, and abundant good health in the new year.Google-doodle-2013-Happy-New-Year



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What is SEM?

Essentially is a process to improve your website position in Google, Yahoo, MSN ,Ask & like that search engine  if you think there are more than million website online today how will get people find your website & more than 75 % New visitor arrive via search engine. therefore search engine marketing is best way to attract new visitor.



Number one area of pay per click is Google ad words

 Basic Structure of Google Adwords

Google Adword

        Textual ads:

                Goolge Search

                Google network

        Image ads:

                Google network

First do keyword research: Monitor all keyword what working what not.

Google Adword

Textual ads: text advertising is a form of contextual promotion where specific keywords within the writing of a web-page

Google search: Google Search is the most-used online search engine on the World Wide Web

Tips For Goolge Search :Use bracket on  keywords

Example [keywords ]

Focus on Buyer words like buy , services,Discount

Geo target your Region

Tips For Google network: Google network sites is basically any websites which sign up for google adsense & they sharing 50% of revenue.

Set up daily budget for all campaign.

Manage Domain that convert leads into conversion aslo you can block domains into which is not helpful for business

Image ads: Image ads are ads that appear with a picture

Google network: Create simple image in landing page

Small tips for SEO: Use Pay per click (PPC) data for keyword Research if you target on this  keywords you will get more business from SEO aslo.

Google is also weak in maths

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I am very weak in maths that reason sometime i use google for calulation. Today i saw one post on facebook that contain Following equation 12/2(6-7+4)*2 Ans: a) 36 b) 4 c) 1

google weak in maths
google weak in maths

and i copy paste this eqution in google give me ans 36but it wrong ans because maths Operator rule are Click here see Google result

1. parentheses or brackets first (starting with the innermost)

2. exponentials or powers next

3. multiplications and divisions next

4. additions and subtractions last

5. if an expression involves three or more operations at the same level of priority, those operations are done from left to right if you this rule and solve this eqution right ans is 1

That time i realise google is only Search Engin made by human every time google is not right we have to be self confidence

Google Webmaster Tools versus Google Analytics

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I recently started to use both Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics for my blog and i have some question in my mind What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools? In what scenario do I use one over the other? and also i got answer for same.

Difference between Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is that Webmaster Tools shows traffic for each keyword independently and does not cover search results from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo,it means Google Webmaster tool provides information on the search phrases that your site while Google Analytics shows total traffic for a website regardless of where the users came from and what search terms were used.If you are using Google Analytics on your website, you can now activate or stimulate Google Webmaster Tools by verifying your Google Analytics account.

google webmaster tool
google webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tools(Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.) is a one of the most powerful SEO tools for your better search engine optimization.Becuse it Provides some Optimization tools to help achive good organic traffic like Data Highlighter,Sturctured data , HTML Improvement,Remove un wanted url’s,Add Sitemap to webmaster as well as it shows Search Queries report , how many intenar & External Sites conneted to your site.Blocked URLs If your site has content you don’t want Google or other search engines to access, use a robots.txt file to specify how search engines should crawl your site’s content.

google webmaster tool
google webmaster tool

Google Analytics With Google Analytics, you can get the latest interface to measure the data.Google Analytics is a necessity for any business that is serious about their online marketing. It’s a great way to monitor your traffic trends.Google analytics shows all over Traffic report like Social medial,Search engine marketing, reffreal traffic Organic traffic,Direct traffic also shows real time visitor it how many present visitor on your portal. anlytics provides you all Data but webmaster provides only last three month report.

Freelancer Seo Click here is now – Check out new look

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The world’s largest software company is renaming its Hotmail service Outlook, giving it a sharp new look, social network links, and new is the free, modern email service from Microsoft. More than just email, brings services like Office Web Apps and SkyDrive into your inbox, and helps keep you in control of your private data.The New Hotmail looks fantastic, and depending on how you managed to stomach Gmail’s last facelift (or not), it might be the handsome.

hotmail new look
hotmail new look

The new-look Windows Live Hotmail will let you edit Office documents within your browser, even if the PC you are using doesn’t have Office installed.Hotmail is being phased out for The new e-mail web client has Skype integration, is lighter, faster, nicer and cleaner.

But Many Hotmail users have been reporting problems with accessing and sending emails since Microsoft revamped the service.

Google Analytics- Event Softonicmm

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Google Analytics- Event Softonicmm

Now working on the Google Analytics report, my colleague tells me to have a strange event in all its aspects: softonicmm .

Checking through my profile, I confirm to my colleague that he found the same data.

I have not implemented this type of event. I ask colleagues to check: all confirm that they have the event in one or more Google Analytics account.

The “problem” starts between 3 and 5 October , the event is generated by all pages , but not at each visit and is differentiated into three actions:

event softonic
event softonic

STATS_SITE_IRRELEVANT is always present, in all my sites, while the other two actions occur much more rarely.
The problem is not only Indian, but with an international at the time we found only one other report .

Are not septate labels to events.

Segmenting and combining the data it turns out that all events of category softonicmm are launched during visits with Internet Explorer (mainly version 8.0).

There are still outputs official communications about, it is likely, however, that it is events fired by some plugin (es.toolbar) linked website

Try to also check if you see the same issue. It is very simple:

Sign in to your Google Analytics account
In the navigation bar on the left select: Content -> Events -> Overview
On the left you will find a list of all events: check if ” softonicmm ” is

Google has confirmed that there is a problem that affects many accounts.
An engineer is working to solve the problem.

Muting or ignoring conversations – Facebook

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Q.I just noticed that one of the actions I can take on a discussion thread in Facebook  service is to “mute” it. What the heck is that? Something to do with audio playback, perhaps?

Ans:-Muting will turn off push notifications on mobile and prevent chats from opening for this conversation.Facebook provides this functionality out-of-the-box, without needing to create a custom filter. When you have a conversation open in Facebook, just click the More menu at the top, and choose “Mute” from the dropdown.

Facebook Mute chat
Facebook Mute chat

Muting or ignoring conversations – Facebook
If you’re part of a long message conversation that isn’t relevant, you can mute the conversation .Mute noisy conversations in facebook.
Ever getting fed up with Chats that keep sending into your Chat box even though you have no interest in reading them?
Intelligently silence Facebook conversations with “Smart Mute”

Actually, the ability to mute a conversation in Facebook is quite new and it’s a pretty interesting idea: a muted discussion goes directly into your archive Chat without ever ending up in your Chat inbox along the way.

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WordPress CMS works like search engine

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WordPress CMS is definitely the right thing for beginners.What is a CMS? CMS Full form Content Management System.If you have a web page operated by a CMS, you will have complete control over your web page content.WordPress is one of the most well-known a cms application (CMS) that allows you to make and quickly handle an whole web page(Web site) or blog.WordPress is one of the most well-known and impressive CMS.The beauty of WordPress is its convenience of use and convenience of establishing up.Within five minute anyone with a bit of web know-how can have a excellent looking for web sites.

WordPress CMS works like search engine

But one most essential thing i want to bring up here wordpress CMS work like search engine sites.
you can look for any term or Document in wordpress platforms look for box.If you have a large organization website is then it is definitely helpful to you.use phrase term to search Particular document.phrase term should contain Double quotation

Like ” Your Search Term”

Wordpress search Box
WordPress search Box